Ready for a New School Year?

For all those who joined us at our Back To School Party on Sunday, 31st August, we thank you for coming. It was also a pleasure to meet so many parents new to the school and to the region.

The important news for all parents, students and teachers is the welcome arrival of our new Headmaster, M. Jérôme Giovendo.

M. Giovendo joins us from EABJM Paris, where he was head of the Upper School Mathematics department for the last eight years. We warmly welcome him and wish him great success. You can read a little more background in a letter from Mme. Zéboulon, the Head of EABJM Paris, which was sent to all parents on 25th March.

Let's not forget The Butter Stick victory by last year's 3ème class! A fabulous example of young enterprise: the idea, the design, the implementation. Superb! Who knows what we will come up with this year!

G3042A-GEN-EN-back-to-school-thumb The APE website was re-launched back in May this year and we continue to strive to keep you up-to-date. Our information covers APE and school activities, events and facilities around the Lille area, interesting and diverse articles, how to join our Conversation Group or Book Club and undoubtedly make new friends. Since the re-launch we have had visits from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Seychelles, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA. So, it seems clear that lots of people find the activities of the school and the APE interesting.

From time to time the APE commissions various independent projects and this website is where you can find out how we are progressing. We hope the website will be a common link between families, students and the school.

Would you care to write something? Do you have some photos to share? How about a recommendation: a restaurant, a location, a film you have seen? As always, we are looking for ideas and assistance and, after all your exciting holidays, you will certainly have some interesting tales to tell. Use our contact page or email us at contact@ape-eabjm-lille.org.

Each section of the this website is intended to be in both English and French... we're getting there!

Enjoy your visit, don't forget to add us to your favourites and ... please sign our guest book and let us know what you think. This website is for you and your contributions are vital for its survival.

Bonne Rentrée!

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What's Happening

We are as surprised as you...
Consequently, our APE website will need to be updated, which will take time. One aspect of this change is that the new EJM logo, which is red and black, now looks dreadful with our APE colour scheme! Why the change?

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