Ah! You Found Us!

Exciting times... we have just re-launched the APE website!

Our aim is to support the School and extend the range of activities available and to communicate to you as much information as possible about school life.

You will notice many gaps and quite a few rough edges to our new site but we wanted to be on line as soon as possible. Perfection comes later ... much later!

The secure section contains no sensitive data for now but you need to login with the username and password which has just been emailed to you. When you login we hope you will make use of our For Sale and Wanted pages.

Our security policy is to obfuscate personal email and phone numbers and not to display recognisable photos of students without your express permission.

From time to time the APE commissions various independent projects and here is where you can find out how we are progressing. We hope the web site will be a common link between families, students and the School.

Each section of the site is intended to be in both English and French... but with a backlog of translations to be done we'd be delighted for volunteers!

We are always open to ideas for interesting and informative articles. Please, either use our contact page or email contact@ape-eabjm-lille.org directly.

Enjoy your visit, don't forget to add us to your favourites and ... come again soon!... and please sign our guest book, just to say "Hello" .. Thank you!

What's Happening

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