It's Christmas time!


The festive season is approaching quickly!

Our Christmas Market will take place on Friday 19th December, between midday and 2pm in the secondary school and between 2pm and 5pm in the Primaire. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to bring along their pocket-money and buy little gifts for Christmas, and there'll be plenty on offer for adults too, including a jumble sale, a bake sale and, of course, our UK Christmas Market where you will find British products available. Click here to see how you can help. The Winter Concert is also on the last day of school.

G4100F-GEN-EN-genieOn Saturday, 6th December, our much-awaited annual visit to the Canterbury Pantomime, 'Aladdin', took place. Donna Cousin excelled herself with the organisation of this event and, of course, her famed good humour and energy! We thank her for a wonderful day.

index-GEN-XX-st-nicolas All students received their annual St Nicolas chocolate on Friday 5th, a gift from the APE... and no, our lycéens were not too old! Many thanks to our IB students who, as always, were there throughout the day to help our APE members.

The first outing of the new Culture and Discovery Group was a guided tour of a temporary exhibition of Camille Claudel at the Musée de la Piscine in Roubaix, which was a lovely morning out. Lunch at the museum restaurant followed for those who could stay. We'll hear more about the event from Stacey Kenney within the next few days.

Our French/English Conversation Group continues its weekly get-togethers and has welcomed several new members this year. If you are interested in joining a French/Spanish group, please send an email to Sandrine, our Conversation Group coordinator. Come and make new friends in the new year.

index-GEN-EN-hollyEach Wednesday, the APE team holds an 'Operation Gilets Jaunes' for the sortie de classes of the primary school, with the objective of improving the security for the children as they go home from school. We thank all the volunteer parents who assist us with this operation.

Every parent of the school is invited to get involved with the APE. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Consequently, our APE website will need to be updated, which will take time. One aspect of this change is that the new EJM logo, which is red and black, now looks dreadful with our APE colour scheme! Why the change?

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