Our IB group in Nepal is safe

Update from the students and teachers of École Jeannine Manuel in Nepal on Sunday 26th April

The group had a good night (Saturday night) and remain safe and well. They had a hot breakfast of porridge, fried eggs and potatoes, cooked for them.

They now have a generator running and are able to recharge their phones.

Lists of the students and contact details for the group have been sent to the embassies or consulates of all the nationalities concerned.

The group intend to stay in Nagarkot, as it is currently safer than Kathmandu. They have enough food and water for several days and are well looked after. They will stay there until they have confirmation of their return flights.

Further general details can be found from BBC News and here and here

The search engine Google has launched a website to help locate those caught up in the disaster.

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